Monday, November 28, 2011

Capitalism & Socialism, Driven by Greed & Envy

Here is a Quote from the Blog of Grant Davies. 

"There is no perfect society.  There are no perfect people.  Critics say that greed is the driving force of capitalism.  My answer is that envy is the driving force of socialism.  Change to socialism is not an improvement on the imperfections of the current system." - Svetlana Kunin - American Citizen - Russian Immigrant

My Complaint is not Against Capitalism and not Against Socialism, but Against the Extremes of both.  There are Problems in Capitalism because of Greed and there are Problems in Socialism because....well, you Know, Envy when Taken too Far is just another form of Greed, yet Envy comes in Degrees and Envying someone who has a Roof Over their Head and Food on their Table is not the Same as Envying someone who has a Large House, Cadillac, Porch, Lincoln Town Car or Corvette, so in this Context, it Seems rather Silly to Speak of someone who has Envy towards another who actually has a House, some Food and some Medicine, as if they are Evil in some way.

In Capitalism, Big Businesses have the Power and in Socialism, the Government has the Power.  I Believe in Balancing the Powers.  The Answer is in the Middle.  The Answer is a Little Bit of Both.  The Answer is Compromise.  The Answer is to allow the Powers of Free Enterprise (Big Business) and the Powers of Government (Including Benefits to the Poor) to Balance each other Out.

Without the Involvement of the Government, the Poor have no Power at all, and by Poor, I mean the Genetically Challenged.  Whether it be Mentally, Emotionally, or anything else, those who Lack the Genetic Ability to Thrive in a Capitalist Society have no Power at all without the Help of the Government and this is the Real Reason why Governmental Programs Exist.  It is also Important to Remember that Handicaps come in Degrees and not Everyone who Struggles more then the Others within a Capitalist Society has a Handicap that is Obvious.  A Slightly Lower IQ, Low Energy Levels, ADD & ADHD, Depression & Various Emotional Problems, etc.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I guess I could Post something Political but I'm going to be Very Busy soon and it's usually not Best to Open your Mouth and Say Something, Unless you have the Time to Defend it.  I guess that means that if you are Low on Time, then it is Best not to Open your Mouth.

This Actually isn't a Time for Arguing anyway.  Instead, this is a Time of Thanksgiving and I am Truly Grateful for all of my Family and Friends.  And I Thank all of you who Follow my Blog and Comment Once in awhile.  May you all have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.  Don't Eat too much now, ya' hear.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is Abortion Legal in the U.S.?

Yeh, Ok.  Some of you who already Know the Answer to that Question are going to Think that that is such a Silly Question, yet I've just Recently been Informed that the Question "Is Abortion Legal?" is Typed into the Google Search Engine Globally 90,500 Times Monthly and Locally 60,500 Times Monthly.  So there are a lot of People who do not seem to Know, so here is my Response.

Are you Kidding?  Of Course it's Legal, but many People here in the United States Feel that it should not be.  Here is the Story...

During Most of America's History, Abortion was Outlawed as the Wrongful Taking of an Innocent Life.  In the Mid-1800s, State Legislatures began Passing Strict Bans on Abortion and by the End of the 19th Century, Nearly every State had Laws Strictly Prohibiting Abortion.

In 1973, there was a Supreme Court Case Known as Roe vs. Wade, in which the Court Ruled that State Laws Banning Abortion were Unconstitutional.  This Decision was Based on the Idea that the Woman's Right to Privacy was Legally more Important than the the Rights of Unborn Children.  The Supreme Court Ruled that Unborn Children were not "Persons" and thus, were not Entitled to any Rights Under our Constitution.  As the Result of this Ruling, Laws Banning Abortion in 40 States were Instantly Nullified and the Rights to Life of Unborn Children were no Longer Protected.  Every Year since then, over one Million Legal Abortions have been Preformed in the United States.

This is not a Court Decision, however, that all Americans Agree with.  Many People, Including Christians, are Appalled by how Easy it is to Get an Abortion and by the Legal Protection of what has been Called "Abortion on Demand", which is Basically the Right for a Woman to Get an Abortion for even the Smallest of Reasons.  Sure there was a Clause in the Ruling that Relates to the Woman's Health, yet the Description of what this means and the Definition of the Word "Health" was so Broad that it basically Allowed for "Abortion on Demand", as I have just Described.

Ironically, the Same Groups that now Defend the Right of a Woman to Choose, "Pro-Choice", were the Same Groups that Stood Against it just Over a Century ago.  In the Late 1800s, Mainstream Newspapers, such as the New York Times, Worked to Expose the Negatives of Abortion.  Early Feminists, such as Susan B. Anthany and Elizabeth Stanton Condemned the Practice as a Evil that Victimized Women.  Even the Professional Medical Community Lobbied for Anti-Abortion Legislation in the 1800s.

Perhaps I'll Post more Later on Different Court Cases in our History that Relate to this Subject, yet for now, I just Wanted to Get something Out there in Response to a Question that Apparently 90,500 of you are Asking.

If you Want to Know more about the Pro-Life Side of this Issue, here are some other Posts that I have done on the Subject, with Discussions of the Subject in the Comment Sections.  For the Pro-Choice Side, well....there are lots of other Web Pages, so that you can Learn Both Sides of this Issue, but Please do not Only Read the Other Side.  Here is my Take on the Issue.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Abortion Costs, yet Information Competition is Rigid

Abortion has Emotional Costs, yet these Costs are not always discussed and are often Down Played by those who Work for Pro-Choice Organizations.  Unfortunately, though, there is Considerable Competition when Pro-Lifers try to get this Information Out there and it would appear that the Pro-Life Position is getting Crushed in the SEO War.  That is "The Search Engine Optimization War."

Before I get into the Meat of this Post, I just want to say to anyone who has found this Post,  by some Touch of Luck, by way of a Search Engine, Please do yourself a Favor and Read about Both Sides of the Issue before you make the  Decision to have an Abortion, even if you have to Scan Back Several Pages in the Search Engine Results in Order to Find that which is Presented by the Pro-Life Side.

Meanwhile, I'm Still Working on how I Feel about the Web Page that I gave a Link to in my Previous Post.  I Suppose that if I Use their Title, I can Help them to get more Hits.  It's Called Pro-Lifers Urgently Need to Engage in the SEO War.

To Quote the Main Theme, "The pro-life movement is making great strides right now.  However, there is one area where the fight for life is not going well at all, and it happens to be one of the most important arenas for evangelizing the culture: the online world."

Now that this has been Brought to my Attention, come to think of it, I've Written Several Posts on Abortion and yet they are rarely ever Hit.  There is just too much Competition out there.  It wouldn't be so bad if the Competition was coming from other Pro-Lifers, but it is not.  There are Far more Pro-Choice Blog Posts, then there are Pro-Life Ones.  I'm Guessing this is because there are lots of Abortion Clinics and Pro-Abortion Organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, that are Advertising their Pro-Choice Ideas on the Internet, so much so, that the Pro-Life Voices are being Drowned Out by them.

I Like the way that the Article puts it..."To put it bluntly: The pro-life movement is getting crushed in the SEO war."  That is the Search Engine Optimization War.

Here is another Quote that I very much agree with...

"I’m guessing that one of the first places women turn when they learn of an unexpected pregnancy is the internet.  And, as you can see, they are bombarded with sites that dehumanize their unborn children and paint abortion as a simple, easy option that will make their problems go away."

The Next Site that I Visited and Looked at is Entitled 5 Things Every Catholic Should Know About How Search Engines Work and from there I found a Link to Google's Handy Key Word Tool.

At First I Thought that I should Use Phrases that are Typed into Search Engines Often, such as; "Abortion Costs, Cost of Abortions, Abortion Clinics" and "Is Abortion Legal?"

Yet I Later Realized that I Might have more Luck with Phrases that have less Competition, such as: "Home Abortion Methods, Early Abortion, Abortion Risks, Abortion Pictures, Abortion Doctors, Abortion Methods, Abortion Side Effects, Chemical Abortion, Abortion Procedure, Abortion Definition, First Trimester Abortion, Process of Abortion, Medical Abortion, Anti Abortion Facts, Pro-Choice Abortion, Types of Abortions, Reasons for Abortion, Is Abortion Legal?, Abortion Timeline, Abortion Statistics, Abortion Types, Abortion Complications and Surgical Abortion."

I have Placed the ones that were Ranked Higher in the "Global Monthly Searches" then 10,000 Hits in Bold Print and the Ones that Ranked Higher then 20,000 Hits have been made Larger.  The Phrase "Is Abortion Legal?" has a "Global Monthly Searches" Rating of 90,500, even though the Information Competition is Low.

Naturally, I would Like Pro-Life People to have this Information more then my Opponents, yet the Purpose of this Post is not for the Sake of Starting an Argument about Pro-Choice and Pro-Life, but simply to get you to Ask yourself, Shouldn't those who are Making this Important Decision have all of the Information and not just that which is Presented by Pro-Abortion Sources?

Before I Close, I just wanted to repeat again to anyone who has, by some Touch of Luck, Found my Page through a Web Search.  Please do Read Both Sides of this Argument before Making any Decision about getting an Abortion, even if you have to Scan Back Several Pages in the Search Engine Results in Order to Find that which is Presented by the Pro-Life Side.

I have also done a Number of Posts on this Subject.  You can Click on the Abortion Label to the Right, on those Listed below "Favorite Ramblings" or you can Go to the Next Post Down, Abortion Clinics/Should I have an Abortion?, for a Whole List of my Previous Abortion Posts.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abortion Clinics/Should I have an Abortion?

Here's a Web Page that Concerns me.  It Indicates that there is a Bias in Relation to Search Engines and Abortion.  If you are Considering an Abortion, Please do Read some of my Abortion Posts because it is Important to Hear Both Sides of the Issue before you Decide.  I Sincerely Hope that I have Typed the Right Words in the Title of this Post, in Order to Gain the Privilege of Adding to the Information that you Need in Order to Make this Important Decision.

You can Click on my Abortion Label to the Right if you Like, yet for Easier Access, here is a List of the Titles of the Posts that I've done to Date on the Subject.  This Way you can Pick and Choose the Ones that most Interest you.

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Abortion & State Sovereignty
Biased Science because of Politics

I may Eventually do more Posts on this Subject, but for now, I would Also Suggest that you Type in the Words Post Abortion Syndrome, or PAS.  Somehow I haven't Got Around to Posting on that Subject, yet there Definitely is such a Syndrome and a Typical Abortion Clinic may not Necessarily Tell you about it, so it might be Good to Go Ahead and do your Own Research.  If you are Reading this as the Result of a Web Search, then you Obviously are doing some Research and I Commend you for that.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

For all those Lurking in the Shadows, Be at Peace.

I'm still here, but I'm Drawing a Blank.  There are People Lurking in the Shadows of my Hit Counter, Some of which Visit quite Often.  I can Even Think of Something that I could Post, but I'm so Tired of Arguing.

The Blogosphere is such a Crazy Place.  So Often it Feels Like an Unfriendly Place.  Very Possibly there are even Unfriendly People that are Reading what I am Writing Right Now.  It's Ok, though, for I Know that some of them are just Frustrated, Angry or Perhaps Even Afraid.

If Someone says something that we Consider Incorrect, we become Angry.  Wouldn't it be Better to just Calmly Express our Point of View.  We Take Things so Personally at Times.

Here is a Point of View that is Common on the Blogosphere....  Everyone is Responsible for their Own Feelings.  Hmmmmm.  Interesting.  What about the Verses in the Bible that say we are to Bear One Another's Burdens?

Here's what I Believe to be True.  We are Responsible for Our Own Feelings when in the Presence of Untrustworthy People.  It is Good, though, to Strive to Be Trustworthy, Encouraging and Helpful whenever we are able to do so.

When I Feel a Certain Way, I sometime Wonder if I should just Pray Rather than Talk...

Lord Jesus,
Please Bring Peace to my Friends on the Web.  Please Calm their Hearts of all the Things that Cause them to Feel Disturbed.  Please Help us to Better Communicate.  Please Help us to Understand and not Misjudge.  Please Help us to Speak Clearly.  Please Bring Peace to the Web.

For those who are Afraid of the Truth, Lord, I Ask that you will Help them not to Run from it by Insulting, Changing the Subject, Asking Unrelated Questions and the Like.  Shhhhhhh!  Be at Peace.  Shhhhhhh!  Be at Peace.  Shhhhhhh!  Be at Peace.  Shhhhhhhhhhh!  Be at Peace.

Lord Jesus, Please Bring Peace to Those on the Web.  Amen.

This Prayer was at Least in Part Inspired by a Certain Flow Chart that Explains How People Avoid Genuine Discussion and Use Diversionary Tactics Instead.  Here is the Link.  Those of you who do this, I Wonder if you Know who you are.

Meanwhile, I sincerely Apologize to anyone who I have Offended Lately.  I Never do Mean to.  It just Seems to sort of be the Way Blogging is.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Problems with Debating & even with Rules of Debating.

Well, I Guess I'll do another Post because I have more to Say, even though, so far, no one appears to be Talking on my Previous Post.  This is Actually just a Continuation of my thoughts from my Previous Post (the Next Post Down).

I have already Mentioned how sometimes the Rules can Create Problems because of the Subjective Nature of them.  We have a Problem, though, because I have Found that the Absence of Rules can Create a sort of Chaos, in which Nothing Constructive gets done.  I guess what Needs to Happen is that we Need to have a Fair, Reasonable and Unbiased Referee.

In the Comment Section of My Previous Post, I Mentioned the Problems of Preaching, or just Stating One's Opinion, or even Stating Facts, yet not being Willing to Enter into a Discussion about those Opinions, or the Validity of the Stated "Facts".

Another Thing that Frustrates me is that when I Think about how Few Comments I get at Times, I Wonder if the Only Way to Get People to Talk is to be Controversial and Opinionated and to Stimulate the sort of Debate that does not Follow any Rules and at Times Ends up being a Waist of Time.  When too many Rules are Added and People are Expected to Behave, so many of them just Stop Talking.  As Odd as it seems, it really does Appear at Times that People Love to Argue, get all Angry and Heated Up and Waste Time.

Perhaps some are also Unwilling to Admit the Extent to which they Love to Argue.  Some will even Deny that they are Arguing or Debating or Expressing any sort of an Opinion.  "I'm just Stating FACTS and FACTS can not be Debated." was the Way it was Expressed to me Recently.  Never Mind, though, that the Facts Presented are all Related to Faults and Extremes Relating to the Person's Opponent and that the OPINION on what these Facts Mean is Very Strongly Implied.

Yes, I guess I am now Talking about someone and Perhaps I shouldn't be, yet somethings like this just Need to be Addressed and Corrected.  In Truth, the Only way that FACTS can Truly "Speak for themselves" is when ALL the Facts are Presented and not just that which can be said that is Negative about one's Opponent.  Yes, "Facts are Facts", yet they are Biased, not just Based on what is Presented, but on what has been Left Out and so this is where Bias and OPINION comes in and this is Why to Present Facts and then Deny one's Participation in a Debate is Foolishness.

Sometimes there is no End to the Number of Rules that a Person would have to Apply in Order to be Rid of all the Poor Debate Tactics that People Use.  Now I am Speaking in General again.

If anyone is Listening, Please do Comment.  I do so want to hear what others have to say about Debating, Civility, what is and isn't a good Debate Tactic and What, if any, Rules should be Applied.  Thank you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rules for Debating

I Wonder if I should Post Something that I Came Across Recently that is Actually sort of Interesting.  It is a Debate Flow Chart that has some rather Interesting Guide Lines on it.  If you want a Larger View of it, just Click Here.

This came from the Blog of someone Known as Soapbox or the Soapster.  In my Initial Comments on his Post, it is apparent that I was not real Trusting at First, due to the Fact that so many of the Ideas and Rules are Subjective and thus, without a Referee, these Rules may not Work too Well.  For Example, rather someone's Argument is shown to be Faulty is Often a Subjective Call, as well as Judgments about rather or not our Opponent is being Rational and Following Reason.  Whether or not One Position is more Realistic then another, or the Evidence Offered is Adequate are also Subjective Judgments, as well as the Judgment about whether or not an Argument has been Resolved or not, so that the Discussion can move on to the Next Point, or even whether or not a Certain Fact Presented is Accurate or Inaccurate.

This is why I Kept saying, in the Comment Section of Soapster's Post, "According to Whom?"  Because of the Subjective Nature of these Rules, without a Referee, if a Person Desires to be in Control of a Discussion, he could Use the Subjective Nature of these Rules to his Advantage.

Considering this, I decided that these Rules Really are Good, if Used in a Fair Manner, for I Find that when there are no Rules, the Discussion will Generally Degrade into Chaos, yet I also Decided to Add Two more Rules of my Own to the 4 that are Listed on the Flow Chart and here they are below.

5.) Do not Accuse Based on your Own Subjective Opinion about your Opponent's Ability to Reason.


6.) These Rules do Need to Apply to all Parties and not just to your Opponent.

Let me Know your Thoughts.

Also, I don't Know why this Post is Insisting on being the Last one on a Page.  Please do, though, Click on "Older Posts", for more  Posts and Of Course, do Read the Comments, for I have Placed more of my thoughts in the Comments Section.