Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What we've been doing with Our Out of Town Guest.

When I'm Away from the Computer for too Long, I sort of Lose my Train of Thought.  I will Probably be Rereading some things in Order to get it back again, so Please do Scan Down to see if there is any New Comments that you have not yet Read.

Since I haven't Posted in awhile, though, I thought I would share with you what I have been doing.  We had out of Town Company that Stayed for Three Weeks.  At First I thought that that was going to be a rather Long Time to have such Company, but Fortunately, it was only One.  My Husband's Cousin from Indiana was the One who Graced us with his Presence from Saturday, October 1 to Monday, October 24.  He is sort of a High Energy Person who caused me to be a little Busier than Usual.  We did a lot of Fun Stuff, such as Hiking, yet I still came home feeling rather Tired and after getting the Cooking, Cleaning Up and Laundry done, I was Craving some time to myself.  Being a Bit of a Loner, I Need more Time to Reflect then a lot of People do.  It was Fun, though.

The First Thing that the Guys did was took a Trip Up to some Property that we Own in Northern California.  My Husband had Asked his Cousin to help him Clean Up some of the Fallen Trees.  Prior to that, we were just Visiting and Hiking Locally.  They were gone from the 5th to the 9th.  Realizing that Three Weeks worth of Company may be a little much for me, I decided not to go.  Though I should have had 4 1/2 Days to myself, I Really Only had 2 1/2, for I spent the 8th and part of the 7th Cleaning House and Running Errands and on the Morning of the 9th, I Threw Something in the Crock Pot for the Guys Return in the Afternoon and Went to Church that Morning.

I was on the Computer just a Little on the 6th and 7th, but was Reluctant to start any Conversations that I was not going to be able to Finish.  I Bought myself some Cloths and I don't even Remember what else, but it was good to Relax and Reflect for just a Few Days.

The 10th was a Laundry day and then from the 11th to the 16th we were Out of Town.  We Traveled Up to Florence, Oregon to see my Husband's Brother and his Wife.  We had a Really good Visit, saw the Beach, some Sea Lion Caves, did some Fishing and Hiking, had a Truck Ride on the Dunes, etc.  We Traveled on the 11th and then were in Florence from the 12th to the 14th.  On the 15th, we Traveled Down the Coast and saw the Redwoods and Patrick's Point.  On the 16th, we sort of got Lost on this One Beach, (Clam Beach, Near Arcadia, California) which is another Interesting Story that I may Expand on in the Comment Section.

Once we Finally Got on the Road again, we Traveled in land, over the Mountains, and Visited the Big Foot Museum in Willow Creek.  We Even Stopped for a Minute along the Stream to Try Out our Guest's Medal Detector and do some Gold Panning.  No Luck.  We're just Amateurs having Fun.

On the 17th, we Picked up Our Dog from the Boarding Facility, Took him for a Long Walk and then Spent the Rest of the Day Helping my Father-in-Law who has the Beginnings of Dementia and Needed Help with some things.  Not too Surprisingly, the 18th was another Landry day and guess who got Elected to do it all, while the Guys Spent that Day Gold Panning?  Still no Luck, even though they were Accompanied by Experience Gold Panners this time.  Apparently, though there has been Gold Found in the Area that they went to, Gold Prospecting has Picked up to the Point in which it has Made Finding the Gold more Difficult.

On the 19th, we Took our Dog on a Long Hike on a Trail Near by that Allows Dogs.  On the 20th, we went Gold Panning again in a Stream, yet again Found Very Little.  It was Discouraging.  Our Guest was Hoping for so much more then that, since there are Indeed Gold Claims Along this River, yet we are still Amateurs and it Turns Out that this is Really Hard if you do not Know what you are Doing or where to Look.  Later in the Day, we Hiked Quite a Distance Along a Flume.  Just in Case you haven't Guessed, Our Guest Loves to Hike.

On the 21rst, the Guys did a Day Trip up to Mount Lassen and I really should have Gone Along to this One, cause they went on some Trails that I had Never been on and it sounded really Neat.  Instead, I stayed Home and did some more House Work and Landry.  If Only I was more of a High Energy Person, I could have done more of this in the Evenings after returning from all our other Activities and then Cooking and Cleaning Up the Kitchen, but I have Never been a High Energy Person. 

On the 22nd, we Visited a Gold Panning Museum that is not Far from here and our Guest wanted to Look at Travel Trailers, even though none of us can Afford to Make such a Purchase right now.  That is unless we Find Ourselves some Gold.  lol.  After Church, on the 23rd, we did a 3 1/2 Hour Hike around a Lake.  We were not in Agreement over rather it was 8 or 9 Miles that we Hiked.  On the 24th we Took our Guest to the Airport.