Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why do People Believe What they do?

Perhaps some People Believe the Way they do because of a Bad Experience.  If the Bad Experience was with a Business, then they become a Democrat.  If the Bad Experience was with the Government, then they become Republican.  None of This has Anything to do with Believing in Something because it is the Correct Way to Believe.  This is all Based on Emotion and thus, it Clouds Sound Judgment.
Sometimes the Object of One's Anger is One's Parents and therefore in Protest, they Choose the Opposite Political Persuasion of the One's who Raised them.  This is Quite the Opposite of what is Often Said that we Believe what we Believe because we were Raised to Believe that way.  In Truth, Quite Often, just the Opposite is True, for Out of Protest or Rebellion, we choose to Believe the Opposite, rather than the Same, as those who Raised us.
I Really Truly do Like to Believe that what I Believe is Rational, rather than Emotional, for I Look at it Like This.  If Some People are Angry at the Government and therefore Become Republicans and Some People are Angry at Businesses and therefore Become Democrats, then the Right Conclusion to Come to is that BOTH the Government and also Businesses have the Ability to be Irresponsible and Cause Pain.  Since this is True, Neither Position is Fully Correct, because it Places Blame on Only One of the Two Parties, when, In Fact, BOTH are at Fault.  Therefore, the Conclusion of it all is Balance, not Extremes.  This Makes Perfect Sense to me and I do not see how such a Position can in any way be Based on Emotion, rather than Reason.
The Actual Answer to the Political Dilemma is that we Need  Ideas from Both Parties and Neither One Should Have Total Control and get Everything that they Want.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More False Assumptions/Prejudice/Conditioned Anger Responses

My Mind is so Very Very Full Right Now and yet I Wish that I could Find the Peace I Need in Order to Move Forward in my Blog.  Usually when I Feel Like this, I have a Tendency to just Brain Storm.

Let's see.  There is the Subject of Prejudice or should I call it Pre-Judgment.  Though the Definition of the Word Prejudice is, In Fact, Pre-Judgment, even so, the Last Time I was Jotting a Few Things Down on the Subject, I Found myself saying Pre-Judgment, rather than Prejudice and the Main Reason is because the Word Prejudice is too Often Connected with Racism, as if Racism is the Only Type of Pre-Judgment there is.  I've Decided to Make my Posts on the Subject Broader than that and here I go again.

Perhaps I'm too Stuck on this Subject, yet I'm Finding that I have a Conditioned Anger Response to being Misjudged and it has Nothing to do with Racism.  Could it be Possible that Misjudging and Accusing is another Form of the Same Thing as Racism?  Think about it.  Racism is a Pre-Judgment Based on the Color of One's Skin.  Why is a False Accusation any Less of a Pre-Judgment, Based on Whatever?  Why should this be Considered any Less Offensive?  Why Should someone Who is Experiencing Racism be Any More Justified in their Anger than someone who has been Falsely Accused of Racism, or for that Matter, of anything Else?  There are those Out There that have a Conditioned Anger Response to anything that Appears to be Racism, rather it Truly is or not, and then there are Others Out There who have a Conditioned Anger Response to being Falsely Accused.  Put these Two Personalities together and what you've Got is a Real Disaster.

Wow!!  That Brain Storming Session Came Out more Clearly than Expected.

I'll just Add more Later in the Comment Section.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting Vedio of Cars During a Flood

If you guys Need a Break from all these Politics, here is something Interesting to Watch.  The Credit for Bringing this to my Attention Goes to ManofWonder, the Author of One of the Blogs I Watch Entitled Black or White is a Choice.  Enjoy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

False Assumptions/Racism/Socialism/Health Care/Etc.

Well, when I Wrote the Below Post, I wasn't Expecting the Type of Comments that I Received, though I Mentioned the Accusation of Racism as One of the Main False Assumptions in Relation to Other's Motives, the Subject that Emerged was that which Liberals Think are False Assumptions about Obama being a Socialist, as well as Socialized Medicine.  I Allowed it because I Figured that the Subject of False Assumptions could Actually be quite Broad.

As a Quick Review of the Previous Post, Aside from Issues of Racism, I also Talked about how People Assume they Know the Motives of those who have Decided to No Longer Participate in a Conversation.

When Talking about Accusations of Racism, I Discussed the Mosque.  I Guess I Could Add Something that someone Said on Malcolm's Blog, which is that I Guess there was a Mosque that was Destroyed when the World Trade Center was Destroyed, yet as I Understand it, it was much Smaller than what they are Planning to Build Now in Order to Replace it.

I Guess Things can Get Very Confused at Times and it is no Longer Clear who is the Most Assuming the Motives of the Other.   Are the Liberals Assuming the Motive of Racism or are those Opposing the Mosque Assuming the Motives of those who want to Build the Mosque?  My Guess is that Both of these Things are Occurring.  Politics are so Emotional and No One Seems to Give Anyone the Benefit of a Doubt for anything.

I Also Discussed Amnesty and Illegal Immigration and Reasons for Certain Positions other than that of Racism.  And I Discussed Voting Against Obama.

Another Problem with Accusations of Racism is that Some People will Use this as a Means of Preventing all Criticism and Challenge, because any Accusation at all will be Taken as an Act of Racism, yet People Criticize and Challenge other People all that Time and this has nothing to do with Race.

I'm Really Surprised that so Little was Said About Racism in the Comment Section of the Below Post.  Please do Feel Free do Do so here, yet if you Prefer, I am also Opened to Continuing the Discussion about Socialism and Health Care or about anything else that you Feel the Opposing Side has Made False Assumptions about.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Assuming Motives, False Assumptions & Racism

You know, it's Funny.  When I Write Posts like the One Below this One, what I am Really Waiting for and Maybe even Fishing for is for Someone Else to Inspire me to Write Something in the Way in which they Comment on what I've Said and it just so Happens that the First to Respond to me was Malcolm and the Subject that he has Inspired is that of Racism, as well as the False Accusations of Racism.

I have just been Responding to One of His Posts, Heroes and Villains, and Feeling sort of Tired while doing so.  If you Like, you can go there and Read the Post, as well as my Response to it.  Before Getting into the Subject of Racism, I'd Like to Talk about something else that Relates to the Judging of People's Motives.

In the Next Post Down from this One, I was just Explaining to Malcolm how I haven't Figured Out a System yet for Deciding what to Read and what not to and When I Get too Caught Up in Responding on Other Blogs, I Neglect my Own Blog.  This Problem has Lead to the Problem of Deciding whether or not there are People I should Ignore, as well as also Wondering how I should go about Doing so.

The Problem is that People have a Tendency to Assume the Motives of those who Ignore them and Think that it is because we have nothing more to say and have Run Out of Good Arguments, yet the Reality is that People can Only do so much and Some People who Appear Unwilling to Learn anything from any of the Arguments that are Presented are not Worthy of the Time that it Takes in Order to Continue to Argue with them.  This is One Assumption that I Absolutely Hate, especially when I Feel Over Whelmed and Have no Choice but to Ignore.

Also, the Stress that Causes my Feeling of Being Over Whelmed is Usually Caused by More than One Source and for any One of those Sources to Assume that they are the Primary Cause of my Discomfort and Incorrectly Assumed Lack of Things to Say would again be Assuming my Motives Incorrectly.

False Assumptions is also the Main Problem with the Accusation of Racism.  It Assumes Motive and such can not be Proved.  About the Only Accusation that is Legitimate is that of Name Calling, yet even that must be Proved.  If there are some who say that such Happened and Others that Deny it, then it is Simply One Person's Word Against Another.

There are Possible Motives for Objecting to the Mosque at Ground Zero, for Example, other than Racism.  The Primary Complaint is the Location, not the Building of the Mosque.  To Assume Racism is to Assume Motive and it is not Possible to Know that to be the Motive.

There are also other Possible Motives for Objecting to Amnesty and Illegal, rather than Legal, Immigration.  Mostly the Reason for this is that Offering all these Programs to Illegals is Bankrupting Certain States and also Our Country.  This is Actually Part of the Health Care Problem as well, yet no One Wants to Look at that Side of the Issue.  Wouldn't it be Better to just Make Legal Immigration Easier?

You can't call these things Racism, for such is just Side Stepping the Valid Reasons Offered for these Positions.

I shouldn't have to Mention this one, but Assuming that all those who Voted Against Obama did so because of Racism is Equally Invalid.  Come On!!  Do you Honestly Believe that there is no Other Reason than that for Voting against a Very Strongly Left Leaning Democrat?  Give me a Break!!

Though my Focus was Race in this Post, the Comments Took Off in the Direction of False Assumptions Relating to Obama being a Socialist, the Economy & Health Care.  My Next Post is Meant to be a Continuation of this Post and any Further Discussion about Either Racism or False Assumptions of any Kind.

Still Here, just Feeling Over Whelmed.

When I Get Behind, I just Feel Over Whelmed.  I Got Behind on the Reading of the Blogs Over the Holidays and Now just don't Know where to Start or what to Read.  There were a Few Blogs that I did Keep Up with, but the Others, well, there's just too much to Read.  I don't know how Most of you do this Blogging Thing.  I just Can't Keep Up, even when the Blogs I Follow, for the Most Part, are Slower than those Crazies that Blog Daily.  My Hit Count is Down Again and yet I'm not sure what to Write or Say.

It's Funny How Life Goes On when I'm Away from Certain Blogs and I Wonder if anyone Notices or Cares whether or not I'm Present.  I don't know why I am Feeling that Way.  Oh well.

Please do me a Favor, and if you are a Brand New Visitor and I am in One of my Non-Inspired Sort of Moods, Please do Check Out my Labels, for it is not as if I haven't had my Moments of Inspiration.