Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MoreThoughts on Republican Primary Candidates/2012

As to the Election, I am now Leaning towards Newt Ginrich and in a Minute I will explain why.

I had Initially Started this Post on the Day of the South Carolina Primaries, January 21, and I didn't even Know the Results yet.  We had just recently discovered that Santorum Won Iowa, not Romney, giving One Win to Santorum (Iowa) and One to Romney (New Hampsire).  For the Remainder of this Post, when I say Update, I am Referring to the Date of this Post and when I say Earlier, I am Referring to January 21, when I First Wrote this Post.

Update: Now we Know that Gingrich has Won South Carolina and Romney has Won Florida.  Santorum and Gingrich have both Won One State and Romeny has Won Two.

Earlier: My Opinion at the Time of the South Carolina Election was that Romney had been coming Across as a little Arrogant and to be Honest with you, I still get that Impression at Times.  He's just a little too Confident that he is going to Win and well, at the Time of the Carolina Election, he wouldn't Release his Tax Reforms.  Ron Paul may be a little Embarrassed because he makes less then the others, yet Romney is Embarrassed about something too, yet we do not Know what.

Update: Did we ever Find Out what Romney was so Embarrassed about?  It seems to me that there was nothing all that Surprising about his Tax Reforms once he Finally did decide to Release them.  I guess he is just Afraid that People will Judge him because he Makes so much Money.

Earlier: Both Santorum and Gingrich Appear to have more Heart.  Romney Appears to have more Money.

In Actuality, Gingrich's willingness to be a little Softer on Illegals that have been here 25 Years and have Roots in the Community makes sense and Romney's Approach does come across as a little Heartless.

Update: It Seems to me that there was a more Recent Debate in which Romney Defended himself a little better and did not come Across as quite so Heartless in Relation to Illegals.  I Laughed when he said that the Issue is not "11 Million Grandmothers" and he Assured as that he is not Going to be Going Around Ripping Grandmothers out of their Homes.

Earlier: Ok.  So Newt has had some Marital Problems and has even had Affairs as a Result.  He has Married his "Mistress", so it wasn't just a Casual Thing done just for Thrills.

I Know it's hard for a lot of Hard Core Christians to Understand, but you know what?  Sometimes these Things just Happen.  I can Forgive him for that.

For some Reason, they Keep Referring to Newt as "the other Conservative Option" and to Romney as the One who is more Liberal, even though both of these Guys have been Criticized for ways in which they are not as Conservative as some would like them to be.

And what about Rick Santorum?  Well, though I Agree with his Strong Pro-life Stand, it may be too Strong for most of the Liberals, a lot of the Independents and perhaps even some of the Conservatives.  I'm Afraid that might make him Unelectable.

Michael Buckman has also said something about him During the Iowa Election Period that Unfortunately Stuck with me, for she Claims that he has a Spending Problem and I guess this is Based on him Voting a Few Times for them to Raise the Debt Ceiling.  I Never did hear his Defense in Relation to this One.

And Ron Paul, well I'm afraid that both he and Santorum are Unelectable in the General Election.  Ron Paul, though, has the Added Problem of being a little on the Radical Side on some of his Positions.

Yeh.  I Think I'm going to go with Newt.  For now that's my Decision.

Update: My Opinions have not Really Changed much after Watching the Debates Leading up to the Primary in Florida.  I Wish that I had heard the Speeches that were given on that Night.  I Missed them this Time.  Oh well.