Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thoughts on Republican Primary Candidates, 2012

As to the Election, I am now Leaning towards Newt Gingrich and in a Minute I'm going to be Explaining why.

For those who Find this Page at a Later Date, I'd just like to say that this was written on the day of the South Carolina Primaries, but we won't know the results of that until tonight.  We've just Recently been Told that Santorum is the One who Won Iowa, not Romney.  What was Once a Romney Win by Only 8 Votes, later became a Santorum Win by 34 Votes.  So here's the Story, so far...  Santorum Won Iowa, Romney Won New Hampshire and the Out Come of South Carolina Appears to be either Romney or Gingrich

In my Opinion, Romney has been coming Across as a little Arrogant Lately.  He's just a little too Confident that he is going to Win and he won't Release his Tax ReformsRon Paul may be a little Embarrassed because he makes less than the others, yet Romney is Embarrassed about something too and yet we do not Know what.

Both Santorum and Gingrich Appear to have more Heart than Romney.  What Romney Appears to have is Money.

In Actuality, Gingrich's willingness to be a little Softer on Illegals that have been here 25 Years or more and have Roots in the Community makes sense and Romney's Approach does come across as a little Heartless.

Ok.  So Newt has had some Marital Problems and has even had Affairs as a Result.  He has Married his "Mistress", so it wasn't just a Casual Thing done just for Thrills.  I Know it's hard for a lot of Hard Core Christians to Understand, but you know what?  Sometimes these Things just Happen.  I can Forgive him for that and I Believe him that his Ex-Wife's Accusation against him is False.

For some Reason, they Keep Referring to Newt as "the other Conservative Option" and to Romney as the One who is more Liberal.  I Guess that's because of his Tendency to Change his Mind about Things.

And what about Rick Santorum?  Well, though I Agree with his Strong Pro-life Stand, it may be too Strong for most of the Liberals, a lot of the Independents and perhaps even some of the Conservatives.  I'm Afraid that might make him Unelectable.

And Ron Paul, well he is Unelectable too, as well as a little on the Radical Side on some of his Positions.

Yeh.  I Think I'm going to go with Newt.  For now that's my Decision.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Romney/Ron Paul Delima

I'm just about Getting Ready to give in to this Ron Paul Mania.  It's not Because I Entirely Trust him to Run this Country.  I Think that his Cuts to Government Programs may be too Deep, too soon, and I don't Trust his Foreign Policy.  Though it does sort of Appear that his Cuts are Focused more on the Military and Aid to Foreign Countries, than on things such a Social Security and Medicare.  That's actually good.  Romney and Santorum may Actually Cut these Things.

The Reason why I might even Vote for Paul is because I would never Want Romney to Win by as Large of a Margin as he Might.  The Idea of him Winning the Electoral College Votes by a Land Slide does not at all Appeal to me.  Come on, you Guys in these Other States.  Vote Against him.  Will ya'?  I'd Actually Like something that is In-between Ron Paul and some of the other Republicans, yet such a Critter does not Appear to Exist.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gen. News, Music Ministry, Dad with Dementia/Alzheimers

As Long as there are Lurkers in my Hit Counter that I can not Identify and for whom I am not able to go to their Blog in Order to Hint that I've been Thinking about them, I feel that it's Important for me to Keep Posting Once in awhile so that they will not Lose Interest.  I Try to Post at least a little something every Week, but don't always Succeed.  Sometimes, though, I do better then that, so Hopefully that makes up for it.  There was not as much Interest in my Previous Post as I thought there might be.

I've been Busy with the Music at our Church.  We have a New Pastor.  The Last Sermon of the Previous One was on Christmas Day and the First Sermon of the New One was on New Year's Day.  Since the Last Pastor Plays the Guitar, he and his Wife helped me with the Music.  The New Pastor Sings and has been Singing with me, but does not Play an Instrument, so I am now the Only Guitar Player and am Pretty Much the Main Praise Leader.  We have another Couple that does our Music Once a Month, but other then that, I am it.

I've had Mixed Feelings about the Extra Responsibility, yet for now am not sure what to say about it.  I've had another Teenager Volunteer to Help Out, but again she is just another Singer.  What I really want is someone who can Play an Instrument and Ideally another Guitar so that I don't have to Necessarily be the Main Person every Sunday.

This is what has been Distracting me from my Blogging Lately.  That and also, some Extra Stresses Relating to my Father-in-Law who has Dementia.  I don't Really want to get into that One, except to say that he still Drives, but has to be Careful where he Drives to, cause if he gets outside of the Area that he still Remembers, he will get Lost.

More Recently, he has Gotten in an Accident and this has been Quite Confusing and Stressful.  Perhaps I'll come back Later and Write more in the Comment Section about this, but for now, I just wanted to get a little something Posted for you Guys to Read.