Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Dog Shasta Made a Friend

You Know, it was the Strangest Thing.  I went out into our yard once to see what our dog was barking at and it was a Deer.  The Presence of a Deer, though, is not what was Strange.  What was Strange was the fact that she walked right up to the fence and was not the slightest bit afraid of our dog.

Somehow, our dog, Shasta, had made friends with it.  In Trying to Make sense of this, I realized that Shasta doesn't always Bark at the Deer, at least not unless they Walk right up to the Fence, like this one did.  Sometimes he just watches them.  Perhaps his quiet manner is what caused this particular Deer to Trust him enough to Walk up to the Fence.  Animals seem to have a whole Language that us Humans do not fully Understand.

Another Thing that I Considered is that Shasta is a Samoyed and quite apart from Pulling Sleds in Siberia, this Breed was also used to Herd Reindeer.  Interesting.

Anyway, I have never seen anything like this before and wanted to share it with you.  This is a Wild Deer, you guys, not a tame one, and when I decided to Approach her, she took off.  She Trusts my Dog, but not me.  Pretty Amazing, huh?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Abortion/Pro-Choice/Do What I Want with "MY OWN BODY"

 After Collecting the Following Information for a Comment on someone else's Blog, I Decided that it was worth Repeating and would make another Good Post, so here it is; what Science has to say about the Fetus being the Woman's "OWN BODY".

"DAY 1 (Fertilization) - The sperm joins with ovum (egg) to form on cell-smaller than a grain of salt. This new life has inherited 23 chromosomes from each parent; 46 in all.  This one cell contains the complex genetic blueprint for Every Detail for human development; the child's sex, hair and eye color, height, skin tone, etc.

"From the very beginning, even the very first cell is NOT the same as the 'mother's Own Body', but instead has his or her own unique genetic identity, so the statement that the mother should have the right to decide what to do with 'Her Own Body' is not based on the facts.

"Biological dependence on does not equal actually being a part of, or the same as, that which it is depended on.  Babies continue to be quite helpless and dependent on their mother's care even after they are born.  Also, just because one living entity is physically affected by another, does not make the two entities only one entity.  Babies that are breast fed continue to be effected by the contaminates and also antibodies from the mother's body through the mother's milk.  Does that mean that the baby is still a 'part of the mother's body' even after it is born?

"as to 'shared biochemistry',......The Umbilical Cord allows antibodies, enzymes and nutrients to pass, but not the blood of the mother and baby.  The blood needs to be kept separate because quite often the baby has an entirely different blood type than the mother."

Another Interesting Thing to Note is that there was a time in our History, in which it was Argued that the Negro Slaves were not "Persons", but Property, just as we are Currently Viewing the Unborn as Property, rather than "Persons"Whenever we call them "MY OWN BODY", rather than Realizing that the Baby is a Separate Individual and "Person", we are Referring to them as Property, not Person's.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abortion and Rape (This Might Surprise You.)

On another Blog, I've been Discussing Abortion and more Specifically the Exception of Rape.  Most Pro-Life People do Consider Rape to be an Acceptable Exception in which Abortion should be allowed and yet when I was First Reading the Manual at the Pregnancy Center, where I've been Working, I read some things about the Subject that really Surprised me and that I'm sure many of you may be Surprised by too.

One Interesting Fact is that the Pregnancy Rate for Rape Victims of Child Bearing Age is only 5%, so Most Rape Victims do not become Pregnant.   Also, 80% of Rape Victims Know their Attacker.

Here's what's Interesting, though.  Because Rape is Considered an Acceptable Exception to the Forbidding of Abortion, Many Well Meaning People, Including some Pro-Lifers, will actually Pressure the Victim to Abort the Fetus.  People are so Repulsed by the Sexual Offense, that they Wrongfully Assume that Evil will be Passed Directly to the Child in some way.  It is far too easy to Forget that this is also the Child of the Violated Woman, who may not Share the Same Opinions as those who are Pressuring her to Abort the Baby.

A Woman does not choose Rape, but Abortion is an Act in which she must Willingly Participate.  Women Rarely Report Regretting Giving Life to their children, whatever the Circumstances of the Conception, though Regret of Abortion is more Common than People Realize.  As Odd as it may seem, Forgiving Oneself is Often even more difficult than Forgiving the Rapist. 

Abortion is not an Eraser.  Just because the Pregnancy is Terminated, this does not Cause the Pain of the Rape to go away, but here is the Clincher...

The Abortion Procedure is Quite Invasive and the Hard and Cold Instruments Invade the Same Part of the Body that was Invaded by the Rape.  Since the Rape Victim has Already been Invaded, there are Situations in which the Abortion Procedure can be just like Reliving the Horrible Event all over again and it can be Quite Traumatic.   She has been through one Traumatic Even, Why Add Another One?

And then there is the Matter of Incest.  In these Situations, Abortion becomes the Perfect Cover Up for a Crime that Needs to be Reported and Brought to a Stop.  Too Often such Victims are given their Abortions and then Placed Right Back into the Abusive Situation that Caused the Problem in the First Place.  It is Actually much more Preferable if the Victim is Removed from the Home for Nine Months.  The Nine Month Pregnancy can Actually Work as a Healing Period in which the Girl is Placed in a more Supportive Environment while the Rapist is Brought to Justice and a Suitable Home can be found for the Child.

It is not Uncommon for a Raped Victim to Choose not to Abort, if for No Other Reason, than for the Sake of Proving that she is not Like the Rapist.  Rape Steals People of their Dignity and Carrying a Baby to Term is a Way to Get that Dignity Back, by doing a Very Good and Noble Thing.  Doing a Good an Noble Thing is an Extreme Positive in the Healing Process, unlike Abortion that can Lead to Additional Guilt and Shame, Taring Away all that much More at the Dignity that was Taken by the Rapist.

This is Why there are some who rather than saying Abortion is Wrong "Except in the case of Rape", they will say Abortion is Wrong  "Especially when there is Rape".  I Look Forward to your Comments.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Priorties - The Tug of War of Anger & Peace.

Well, I'm Considering coming back to the Blogging World, yet to Tell you the Truth, Life Does Keep Getting in the Way.  The Same Question as always is still within me.  It is a Question of Priority.  Blogging can be Like an Obsession, when I Let it Get the Better of me.  Blogging Pulls at me, and yet Life Pulls at me too and if I'm Smart, I will Allow Real Life to Win the Tug on my Heart, yet somehow it seems that there Ought to be a Way to do Both.

I Guess Politics is the Same Way.  The Political Situation has Gotten so Intense that it Seems that Getting Our Opinions Out there is the Only Thing that Matters Right Now and yet Life Goes on and we Still Need to Live Our Lives and we can not allow Ourselves to be Eaten Up with Political Anger and Rage.  We Need to Be Careful that we do not Tare Away at Our Own Freedom to be Happy, by Entering into Anger, Discontent and Worry about what Freedoms we Might Lose.

When I Quit Blogging, one of the Things that was Troubling me was that the Democrats had Gotten so much Power and have been Behaving in such an Extreme Manner, that I didn't even Desire to Write as a Moderate Any More, yet what is the Other Option?  Should I join the Rest of the Crowd in their Obama Bashing?  That wouldn't be Hard for me to do, yet I'm not sure if it is Going to Serve much of a Constructive Purpose and Any Way, there are Plenty of People Out there Doing that Already, so what's the Point?

No, What Ever I do decide to do in the Blogging Word, it has to be Different and Uniquely me, so Here I am Returning to what I've always been About.  No Matter how Bad Things Get, Our Mission should Still be to Try and Understand our Opponent and see if we can Find a Way to Work Together, rather than Imposing Extremes Upon Each Other.  Just because the Democrats are Acting in Extreme Ways Right Now, does that Mean that we Need to Impose the Extreme of Zero Regulations on Businesses and Zero Social Programs.  We Still Need to be Reasonable, for if we are not, then the Democrats are Just Going to Turn a Deaf Ear to us and We are not Going to have much Effect on them.

When I'm Angry, I do not Feel Like much of a Moderate, yet in Reality, that is always what I'm going to be.

The Priority War that I Mentioned in the Title has to do with the Obsession with Blogging and the Need to Live Life.  It Relates, though, to so Many other Things.  There is a Tug of War between Obsession and the More Mundane Things in Life; Between Politics and Living Life, Between Wanting to Make Some Kind of a Difference and just Doing what Needs to be Done, Between Anger and Peace and Between Passion and Practicality.  This is such a Hard Balance at Times.  Such a Very Hard Puzzle that does not Appear to have an Answer.

Anger, though, does not Lead to Peace.  It is Understanding that Leads to Peace and Unfortunately, Compromise Leads to Peace.  I Know that a Lot of you do not Like the Word Compromise, yet Unfortunately, this is a Reality of Life and it is not Going to Go Away.  Perhaps Along with the Tug of War Between Passion and Practicality, we should Add the Balance between Idealism and Reality, for no Matter how Bad we want it, No One is going to Get Everything that they Want.  Unfortunately, Life is just not that way.

So maybe I can Still Blog about the Attitude of Moderation, rather than Extremes.  Why should that Change just because I Feel that the Current Administration is Way Out of Hand?