Monday, March 30, 2009

Destractions/Broken Focus/Bordom vs. Energy & Life

It is so hard for me to keep my focus. I think that I'm going to finally have some time to Blog and to have enough of it that I can actually do a Post and than I discover that there is a really big project outside that my husband wants me to help him with, or some other thing that needs doing that breaks my focus. I actually respond to comments on my Blog at times with the words, "Once again, I got to run. Catch you with more later.". This is so frustrating. Oh well.

It's not as if I do not have Ideas about what to write. I've got lots of Ideas and Inspirations, yet not every Idea or Thought has Life. It's sort of like life in general and all the activities that fill it. Some of what I do has Life and some of it just feels like going through the motions. The idea in life is to try and fill it with as much as possible that brings Life and not just Boredom.

When I say this, it makes me wonder. What am I saying really? Am I saying that I'm Bored with my Blogging? Am I saying that sometimes I don't Blog more than I do because I'm Bored? When it flows, it can really be fun, yet this sensation comes and goes.

So how do I keep a feeling of Life and Energy in the things that I do throughout the day and how do I keep Life and Energy in my Blog?

Sometimes I wonder if I should just sit down at the computer and begin to Ramble and just see what comes out and I guess that is what I am doing right now. My Blog might actually move more quickly if I was willing to do that once in awhile.

Sometimes I think that my desire to make each Post really Good and Significant and my desire to make each Post Really Mean Something slows me down a little, for the really Good and really Significant and "Full of Life" Posts don't always come as often as I would like them to.

Now we're back to the Question of "Significance verses Posting Speed". Sometimes it feels as if some of the Questions that I keep asking myself just don't seem to have answers.

What a crazy Post, huh? Oh well. Maybe it will just be a Good Conversation Starter.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Impossible Communication/Black & White Thinking/Balance & Extremes

Since this Post Continues to Get a Lot of Hits, I want to Inform those Still Hitting it that I have Posted something Even Better on the Subject in a More Recent Post Entitled, "Black and White Thinking; The Definition is Gray."  Naturally, though, you are also Free to Read what Follows Below.  2/5/20011

The Original Post
 Man! You know what?  Communication can be so hard at times.  I still feel bad about a comment that Griper submitted that I decided not to Post.  He is always polite and my only complaint is that he was getting off subject, but the real reason is because we have been going back and forth for ever and ever over the subject of "Back and White" thinking and when ever I try and clear up this confusion, all that results is more and more confusion.  Even now, I am wondering if submitting this Post to my Blog is going to invite even more confusion and lead to a lot of confusing comments below it.  I almost feel as if I'm at a loss and do not know what to do about it.

I wonder if someone out there could explain better than I can what Black and White thinking is and when it is and isn't appropriate.

Mixed in with this whole Black and White idea is the idea of Balance verses Extremes.  I really do hope that someone smarter than me can participate in this discussion and help bring more clarity to it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fast Food Information/Truth Worth Waiting For

It's frustrating and perhaps even a little too bad that I so often feel like beginning a New Post with some comment about my frustrations relating to the Blogasphere and/or the Internet. Everything moves so fast. I just feel like I can't even begin to keep up most of the time. One unfortunate reality relating to it all is that when a very quick response is possible, quite often it is expected. I not only feel this way about Blogs, but about Email as well. When we used to communicate by Snail Mail, to wait a week or more before responding to a letter was more the norm and in a lot of ways that is so much easier than feeling rushed to say something immediately in response to everything that one receives. Everything seems so time sensitive and it can actually create stress if we let it.

If this is true of Email, then how much more so of the Blogosphere? Gosh! If you wait too many days to respond to something you read on a Blog, it will be buried behind a good number of "More Current" Posts and most of those who were originally reading the comments will have moved on.  If you want to actually be heard by several others besides the blog author, then you had better be fast.

Add to this the fact that those who post to their own blog at least once a day get more hits and the pressure continues. How in the world is anyone supposed to "Remember to Enjoy the Journey" under these circumstances.

I finally decided to view it this way...

It's just like Fast Food Information and yet we must remember that people go to Fine Restaurants all the time and even pay more for the food. Why?; you ask. Well, it's because Good Food is Worth Waiting For.

Just think about it a minute. Can we really digest the deepest and most meaningful of insights about life, or even about politics, when we are always in the Fast Lane?  Can anyone really write a well thought out Post with a message that deeply touches and effects people's hearts and minds in a hurry?  Can anyone actually receive such a touch and allow what they've read to really penetrate and touch them, or even take the time to think about and adequately digest what they've read, when they are reading in a hurry?  What are we really doing anyway?  Are we just cramming as much information as possible into our brains so that we can feel smart, avoid boredom, increase our popularity on the web or whatever?  If very little of it is having much affect other than just stirring up more anger and emotion relating to what we already believe, then what's the point?  Remember, if those who hold the opposite point of view are doing exactly the same thing, then there is not much real and genuine communication going on.

If I could get no other message out, other than this one, my blogging might be worth it, yet unfortunately, I can talk until I'm blue in the face and yet no one out there seems very interested in slowing down and taking the time to really think.

As I blog along at my own slow little pace, I continue to hope that there will always be a few people out there who are more interested in well thought out information, whether than Fast Food, cause that's what I am trying hard to serve.  Hopefully, there will always be a few who have the opinion that "Good Food is Worth Waiting For."