Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brain Storming Leading to Evolution/Intelligent Design Discussion

I'm Actually Wondering if I'm not Going to Feel all that Inspired Until After the Elections.  I've got a Rather Busy Weekend Coming Up with a Lot on my Plate.  There are Things I could Post on, such as, well right now, I'm Thinking about some of what BB-Idaho and I have been Talking about in Relation to Science and Religion.  That Post Relating to Determinism and Free Choice sort of remains in the Back of my Head too.  Anybody have any Preferences?  Any body have any Comments in Advance Relating to either of these Topics?

Well, it Looks Like Evolution vs. Intelligent Design is the Topic that was Chosen and that Follows Below.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Listening with the Heart (Poem)

Well, a Commenter in the Previous Post Started Writing Poetry and this is what was Inspired within me because of it.  It came Out sort of Negative, yet the Main Point is how we Need to Listen to Each Other with the Heart. 

Listening with the Heart

I cast my Words onto the Sand,
So they are Heard though out the Land,
Yet Stubborn Hearts will sure Demand,
That their Loud Voice is all that Stands.

I cast my Words into the Sea,
In Desperation now I Plea,
As we now Talk while Drinking Tea,
Yet no one knows the Answer.

How can we Walk now Side by Side?
Our Hurts we Learn, somehow to Hide,
Neath Tough Skinned Shields, we Shy Away,
Cause No One's Safe, Least not Today.

Long I Look for Tender Ears,
A Gentle One won't Judge my Tears.
Again I Risk to do my Part,
In Hope he'll Listen with the Heart.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Self or for Influence (Just Has to Come Out!)

In the Comment Section of the Previous Post, I did some Brain Storming in Relation to what I should Post Next and the One Subject and Question that Continues to Stick Out in my Mind is the Question of Whether we should Blog for Ourselves, or for the Sake of Influence and having an Effect on Our World.  Actually, I Think that it's a Little of Both.

When I was Struggling a lot with Issues of Depression, I had a Lot that "Just had to Come Out", yet I'm not always Depressed and I'm not always Inspired.  Sometimes if I Wait for that which is Pressing and "Just has to Come Out", I will Wait a Really Long Time between Posts and that is why sometimes I just do Brain Storming in Order to Find my Inspiration.

Personally, though, I do not Think that Posting for Influence is a Negative.  Whether we Post sort of for Ourselves, because it "Just has to Come Out", or because we also have a Desire to, at least in some Small Way, Influence our World, none of this Matters.  Either Way, it is Fun to Write and Fun to Read and if we are Opened and Willing, we will all Learn from each other.

This is Shorter than I Thought, yet Perhaps there will be more in the Comment Section.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take a Break and Just Chat

So many of the Blogs I Follow have Slowed way Down.  It's almost to the Point of being Strange.  Is any body out there?  Talk to me.  Tell a Joke.  Share the Reason's why you feel Discouraged.  Blow off Steam.

Even I've been in a Bit of a Funk Lately.  I guess it's because sometimes the People who I used to get Along with, for some Reason Change for the Negative and though I Try Very Heard, there is no Longer any thing there to Like.  Maybe I shouldn't be saying it that way, yet I don't know how else to say it.

It's sad when Relationships Change.  A Person can't help but Remember Good Times and Wonder why it is Impossible to Get Back to what once was.

Yes, that's it.  That's the Reason for the Funk.  Hopefully, I can get Passed it, though, soon and Move On.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Abortion & Pregnancy Options Analogy

I Apologize for being on a Little Bit of an Abortion Kick Lately, but if anyone is Getting Tired of the Subject, Please Feel Free to Scan through my Earlier Posts and Use my Labels to Take you to Stuff that interests you.  Though Actually, the Next Post Down is also not about Abortion.

Meanwhile, though, one thing that I Wrote in a Comment Recently that's Interesting is an Analogy Relating to Abortion.

You see, there was a Pro-Choice Person who was Comparing the Options of Parenting, Adoption and Abortion to the Choice that one Makes between several Flavors of Ice Cream and the Fact that no Flavor should be Excluded from the Person who has the "Right to Choose".  Well, there was another Person Present that Felt that Comparing the Killing of a Baby to a Flavor of Ice Cream was a Little Insensitive.  Though I do Understand that no Analogy is Perfect, I came up with a Second Analogy that I Felt Described the Situation a little Better...

There is a Horrible Monster after the Girl and she has three Paths to Choose from as she Runs from it. One of the Paths Appears Easy, for it is Level and even Down Hill in some Places. The other two Paths are Rugged and go Up Hill.

The Problem is that the Easy Path (Abortion) Involves the Killing of a Child who is Tied to a Tree where the Monster will be able to get to her unless the Girl is willing to Climb up one of the Two Rugged Paths in Order to Save the Child.

Unfortunately, the Only Way to Save the Child is through a Climb up one of the Two Rugged Trails up the Mountain and Unfortunately, even the Shorter of the Two Trails (Adoption) involves a Climb that will Last about 5 Months, not 9, because it Takes about 4 Months in Order to Really Start to Show one's Pregnancy.  The Girl is in no way Required to Take the Longest of the Trails and Raise the Child.

Now, in Order to Save the Child, the Owner of the Easy Trail, that is the One who Pays for it's Up Keep (the Tax Payer), has been Considering Placing a Gate in Front of the Trail, so that it would no Longer be an Option.

Is this Fair? I don't Know, but it's Worth Thinking about.

If the Girl Takes the Easy Trail, the Monster will most Certainly Kill the Child.  What I'm Puzzled about is why the Girl has no Desire to Save the Child that is Roped to the Tree and will Surely Die if the Girl does not Make the Climb up the Mountain in Order to Save her.  Perhaps she is Selfish, yet then again, Perhaps it is also because she is Ignorant because no one has ever accurately explained to her the True Nature of the Situation.

Basically what this Analogy is About is Tax Funded Abortion and also Informed Consent.  The First Theme should be sort of Obvious.  The Second Theme, Informed Consent, well, in most States, the Doctor is not Required to Tell the Patient who wants the Abortion about Fetal Development or Post Abortion Syndrome.