Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breaking Out of Chaotic Christmas Bondage

Well, Christmas is Over and I always seem to come to the same sort of Conclusions once I have had the Time to Reflect about the Season.  I think that for the Most Part, Christmas is more about Business, Expectations and the Fulfilling of Traditions, than it is about Spontaneous Giving.  I just sort of Feel Like I'm on a Roller Coaster while the Holidays are in Progress and it actually Takes a Few Days after it is over with for me to get out of my Obedient Robot Mode and back into a more Spontaneous Mood Again.  I can Actually Give more Freely and Spontaneously from the Heart at Times other then Christmas.  It's Odd that it's this way and I've been Working on this Problem for Years and yet just don't Know how to Find Freedom from the Christmas Chaos.

I did Break One Tradition this Year.  I did a Pot Roast, rather then a Turkey.  I've decided that doing Turkey for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas is just Plain Nuts and that a Pot Roast would be Simpler.  Once I Broke this Tradition, I've decided that this is what I'm going to do from now on.  As Crazy as it seems, Breaking Out of Christmas Bondage is Probably going to require that I Break Traditions Often.  The Hard Part is getting the rest of the Family, including my Husband, to Cooperate.

I've Often Heard it said that Christmas is not about the Gifts, yet once we cut back on the Number of Gifts we bought, it became more about the Food and I resented that because I would Actually much rather buy Gifts then Cook a Turkey.  When People say that Christmas is not about the Gifts, and not about the Food, and not about the Cards, etc. etc. etc., if we were to really take this Seriously, there would be very little left for us to do, other then Listen to Christmas Music, watch the Christmas Specials on TV and go to Christmas Programs.  Yet we just can't seem to Resist Getting Caught up in all the Busy Expectations and Traditions.

I guess it is a Priority Thing in relation to what to Keep and what to Cut from our busy Schedules, yet the Lack of Agreement among the Family Members over what these Priority Decisions should actually be is what seems to Keep us in our Bondage.

I just Shake my Head Year after Year after Year, wondering if I will ever Resolve this Issue, for it just seems to Defy any Workable Solution.

It is Important to Remember, though, that the True Meaning of Christmas has more to do with Freedom then with Bondage, for Christ was Born on Christmas and the Purpose of His coming was to Die on the Cross, in Order to Free us from our Bondage to Sin and to Free us so that we can Experience the Joy of Forgiveness and Eternal Life.

The Heart of Christianity is based on Relationship, not Expectations Based on the Traditions Created my Man.  Our Incorrect Priorities, though, do not Change who Christ, Himself, is. 

Considering this, isn't it Ironic that as Christmas is Approaching, we are so Caught up in the Bondage of Expectations and Traditions.  I Guess Christianity is a Mystery.  There is some Very Real Life Changing Potential within it, yet a lot of People end up Focusing on the Wrong Things and this Clouds the Deeper Meaning of what Christmas, or more specifically, what Christianity actually is.


BB-Idaho said...

Pot roast is one of my favorites;
seems like an excellent traditional meal, given that recipes for New England style go back to the 1600s.
We had ham for Christmas (but I
had put in a vote for potroast).
I like the one that has potatos,
carrots & onions.
P.S. ..I did NOT get my three
feet of snow!

Lista said...

I'm not sure where the Turkey Idea Came From, I guess that is what my Mother used to always do and then my Mother-in-Law did it as well. My Mother Actually took Turns with her other Siblings doing the Meat Part of the Meal and the Rest was a Pot Luck. The Group was Large Enough that a Very Large Turkey was always Cooked and also a Ham besides.

My Mother-in-Law had 5 Kids, including my Husband, and always Cooked a Turkey for them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. When she Passed Away, this Responsibility was Passed on to me even when it was just Three of us Present; my Husband, Father-in-Law and I. It's a lot of Work for just Three People and the Left Overs go on for Days.

I Finally Got Permission from my Father-in-Law to do something else. I told him it's either that or we are going to Find the Only Restaurant that's Open on Christmas Day and Go Out to Eat. After Threatening that, he decided that Pot Roast was Ok.

Yes, BB, it had Potatoes and Carrots in it, as well as Lipton Onion Soup. I use Lots of Water, so that the Meat Actually Stews and Falls Apart. You're sure easy to Please. Perhaps you should join us Next Year. :)

Lista said...

No Snow here yet either.

I Added Two Paragraphs to the above Post since you Commented, cause I wanted to Bring us back to the Actual Meaning of the Holiday.

Lista said...

Oophs, I Mean Three Added Paragraphs. There. Now I Think I have the Post the Way I want it.