Monday, January 9, 2012

Gen. News, Music Ministry, Dad with Dementia/Alzheimers

As Long as there are Lurkers in my Hit Counter that I can not Identify and for whom I am not able to go to their Blog in Order to Hint that I've been Thinking about them, I feel that it's Important for me to Keep Posting Once in awhile so that they will not Lose Interest.  I Try to Post at least a little something every Week, but don't always Succeed.  Sometimes, though, I do better then that, so Hopefully that makes up for it.  There was not as much Interest in my Previous Post as I thought there might be.

I've been Busy with the Music at our Church.  We have a New Pastor.  The Last Sermon of the Previous One was on Christmas Day and the First Sermon of the New One was on New Year's Day.  Since the Last Pastor Plays the Guitar, he and his Wife helped me with the Music.  The New Pastor Sings and has been Singing with me, but does not Play an Instrument, so I am now the Only Guitar Player and am Pretty Much the Main Praise Leader.  We have another Couple that does our Music Once a Month, but other then that, I am it.

I've had Mixed Feelings about the Extra Responsibility, yet for now am not sure what to say about it.  I've had another Teenager Volunteer to Help Out, but again she is just another Singer.  What I really want is someone who can Play an Instrument and Ideally another Guitar so that I don't have to Necessarily be the Main Person every Sunday.

This is what has been Distracting me from my Blogging Lately.  That and also, some Extra Stresses Relating to my Father-in-Law who has Dementia.  I don't Really want to get into that One, except to say that he still Drives, but has to be Careful where he Drives to, cause if he gets outside of the Area that he still Remembers, he will get Lost.

More Recently, he has Gotten in an Accident and this has been Quite Confusing and Stressful.  Perhaps I'll come back Later and Write more in the Comment Section about this, but for now, I just wanted to get a little something Posted for you Guys to Read.


BB-Idaho said...

Sounds like being responsible for
the church music takes a lot of time..planning, rehearsing, getting things together and then
getting it done right. I've no much time does that take?

Lista said...

It's not just that. It's just that I'm Thinking about it all Week Long. Since I'm also Involved in a Rest Home Ministry, I have to Prepare Music for that as well.

Since the Pastor is Singing with me, yes, we do have to get together and Rehearse. This Takes about an hour and 1/2. I have a Similar Rehearsal with the Guy that has Joined me in relation to the Rest Home.

It also Takes several Hours to Prepare the Music. For the Rest Homes, I Actually Prepare these Song Sheets, so that they can Sing along with me. This Involves a lot of Copy Paste, as well as Resizing, to Make the Songs Fit right on the sheet and Occasionally, if I decide to Add a New One, then I have to Type it out.

For the Church, I have to Make sure that I have Song Sheets with Cords on them for myself, have Rehearsed the Music and then I either Copy Paste or Type the Words into an Email Message to the Church Secretary.

If it was just the Rest Home Ministry, or just the Worship Leading at the Church, it wouldn't be so much to do, but I've been Trying to do Both and to be Honest, I've got Really Mixed Feelings about my New Responsibilities.