Monday, March 5, 2012

"Wiped Off the Map"/Is that What Ahamidinejad Meant?

Ok, I guess Maybe I will both Read and Respond to a Link that the Soapster Left.  It's sort of an Interesting Subject and the Article was Informative.  I suppose that a lot of the People that are on the Web a lot already Know the Story of how the Statement that "Israel must be wiped off the map" is in actuality a Misquote, yet is this statement really that far Off, or are we just being Technical about Words again?

I Guess the Actual Quote was that "This Regime occupying Jerusalem must Vanish from the Page of Time".  Don't You see?  The meaning is really not as different as those who would like to Defend Ahmadinejad would like it to be.  Just how is Vanishing from Time really so different then Vanishing from a Map?  I guess that the Second Statement could Imply the Total Destruction of Israel, yet without the Proper Understanding of this English Phrase, and In Fact, in the Absence of Intense Emotional Reaction, it could mean nothing more than that Israel is no Longer Called Israel on the Map, so if we are going to be Technical about Words, let's do so with the "Misquote" as well.

The First Phrase, the One Actually Spoken by Ahmadinejad, could be Understood as Vanishing from the Pages of History.  In Light of this, how is Disappearing from the Map, much Different than Disappearing or Vanishing from the Page of TimeIn both of these Cases, both the Language and the Culture of both of these Phrases needs to be Understood and the Article did not get into that so much.  Both Phrases, though, can be Taken either in a Mild or a more Emotional Way, depending on the Emotional State of the Listener.

In Light of what I have just said, it is interesting to note that the Actual Original Misquote, "Wiped off the Map", came from Iran itself, not it's enemies.  Though the article did not present it this way, this Fact actually gives Credence to the Idea that this so called "Misquote" does, In Fact, Represent the actual real Sentiments of many Iranian People.  If the "Misquote" did not Originate from the "War Hawks", then this takes away Credence from those who are Accusing them of Irrational Motives.  Also, the Iranian People, from whom the "Misquote" Originated and who Understand their own Culture and Language Perfectly, did not seem to Consider this a Misquote.

Perhaps the Original Phrase was not a Reference to Genocide, yet that doesn't make it any less of a Statement that Threatens War, for how else is the Vanishing from a Map, or from "the Page of Time" supposed to be Accomplished, apart from War?

Don't the Jews have just as much Right to their Place on the Globe as anyone else?  It just so Happens that the area of Earth that the Jews Possess is a rather Small Plot of Land.

The Hour Glass Display that was on the Posters around the Iranian President when he Delivered his Speech in Tehran at a Program Entitled, "The World Without Zionism", were quite offensive and most definitely Implied a Threat.

I don't feel that the Fact that Ahmadinejad was actually Quoting the Words of Ayatollah Khomenei, whether then making his Own Original Statement, is a Significant Detail to Mention, for he Quoted him to show Support and Agreement, as is evidenced by his Statement that "This Statement is Very Wise."  Whether Ahmadinejad Originated the Idea, or just Agreed with it, is Inconsequential to whether or not he does, In Fact, Hold the Positions in Question.

Another Point that was Made in the Linked Article was that Khomenei and Ahmadinejad were referring to the Regime, not too all of Israel.  Getting back to the Hour Glass Display again, though, this Display made a Statement about far more then just the Current "Regime" of Israel.  In this Display is an Hour Glass with the Planet Earth at its top and Two Small Round Orbs representing the United States and Israel are shown Falling through the hour glass' narrow neck and Crashing to the Bottom, thus the Implied Removal of not Only Israel, but also the United States from the Earth.

Don't you see?  In Order to Understand the Intents of People, we can not Base our Opinions on Only One Quote, or Misquote.  Even if it can be Argued that the Actual Words of the Quote that has been Misquoted may not Mean what the Misquote Implies, yet the Hour Glass Display makes a rather Strong Statement that does Mean what the Misquote Implies.

Even if, however, the Regime is all that Ahmadinejad was Referring to, how does he Plan to Remove such a Regime without War?  Also, I Fail to see what is so Evil about the Regime that now "Occupies Jerusalem".  And, my Goodness, how does just Siting Examples of Regimes that have Collapsed, justify Causing the Collapse of another one?  He makes absolutely no sense at all.

The Discussion of the Word "Earth", rather then "Map", is also an Insignificant Distinction.  Since the Entire Earth has been Mapped, if a Country is no Longer on the Map, then they are no Longer on the Earth either, now are they?  Arguing about Word Technicalities, though, does not Hold Up when evaluating all of the Facts.  Getting back to the Hour Glass Illustration, for Example, the Earth is what Appeared in that Picture, not a Map, so the Second "Misquote", Containing the Word "Earth", is actually more Accurate, than the First.

The Next Thing that is discussed is the Reaction of a whole bunch of World Leaders, of which, at least 10 were mentioned throughout the course of the Article.  Well, this reality gives Credence to the the Fact that there is enough evidence out there of a Threat to make an Impression on many World Leaders, not just One or Two and to Suggest that such a Reaction is Based on One "Misquoted" Statement and Nothing else is Ridiculous.

The Real Problem, however, is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was given Multiple Opportunities to Deny that he said these Things, or that he Meant what he said in the Way in which it was Misquoted.  Instead, he Avoids the Question.  You could say that he Neither Confirms, nor Denies it, yet if the Idea of "Wiping Israel off the Face of the Earth" was at all Repulsive to him, he would have Denied saying such a Thing.  In Truth, however, the Idea of Totally and Completely Destroying Israel does not Repulse him in the Slightest and that is just the Problem.

He might as well of just said out right that the so called "Misquote" is, In Fact, exactly what he meant.  The Fact that the Insistence that this is a "Misquote" is coming from those who wish to Defend him and not from he, himself, is not at all an Unimportant Detail, for to Refuse to Deny something  is really no Different than Admitting it or Agreeing that he meant exactly that which he Refuses to Deny.

When Ahmadindjad said that "the People with no Roots there are now Ruling the Land", this was a Lie, for the Jews have lots of Roots and History there in Israel and Jerusalem.

This Article just goes on and on, Complaining again about yet another Word Technicality, in that the Quote;

"As the Soviet Union Disappeared, the Zionist regime will also Vanish and Humanity will be Liberated."

is "Misquoted" as...

"The Zionist regime will be Wiped Out soon the same way the Soviet Union was and Humanity will achieve Freedom."

The Only Difference, though, between the First and Second Statement is that the First does not Explain how the Zionist regime will Vanish and the Second says that it will be Wiped Out, yet it would be Very Foolish and Careless to not see that the First Statement does, In Fact, Imply the Second.  To Deny this is Foolish.  I'm getting so Tired of these Word Technicality Arguments that are Meant to Down Play and Justify Obvious Negative Intentions.

Getting Back to the Hour Glass Picture, though, Containing the Earth, Israel, the US and an Hour Glass, this Picture says it all and Confirms the Motives that are Implied by what has been Called a "Misquote".

As to the Closing Argument in the Article, containing the Quote "History shows us that Oppressive and Cruel governments do not Survive.", I fail to see how Israel Falls into the Category of an "Oppressive and Cruel Government" that will Fall on it's Own without help from Iran.  This Wishful thinking has absolutely no merit and this is the Part that is the Lie, but then again, I guess everyone can Read the Linked Article for themselves and Form their Own Opinions about it.


Silverfiddle said...

Regardless of how you parse it, it's murderous hate.

Z-man said...

This is an excellent analysis. I think I agree with everything you've said.

Lista said...

Thanks you Guys. And Forgive me again. My Time for Blogging has really gotten Sparse. When a Person can't even Expect to see a Comment that they have Submitted Posted by the Following day, that is really getting Bad. My Apologies to Silverfiddle for my Negligence. Thanks so much, both of you, for Stopping By.

Looking back in anger said...

Dear friends,
We are a small group of people called the Tea-Party, we are growing every day and soon we will be the largest political group in America. We were formed with ordinary people like you and I, Mom's and Dad's who are sick and tired about the path our country is going. and of Obama's dysfunctional policies,along with his lack of leadership and experience And Obama’s class-warfare tactics ..I am sick and tired of giving this man all these chances and all we see is failure after failure and p his constant playing the Blame Bush game. We see this great country of ours being destroyed and we vow to stop the destruction and reverse the effects that 100 years of Progressives have had on the American way of life... Their insidious attempt to destroy God in our lives, the family, the free market system, while infiltrating our schools and universities to indoctrinate our children... Though we're not here for the sole purpose of keeping Barack Obama from having a second term, it is at this time our highest priority... There is plenty of work to be done once this is accomplished, but nothing much will be relevant should this Marxist / Socialist have another four years to "Fundamentally Transform America"..

Lista said...

Exactly. Thanks so much for your Comment, LIBA. This is exactly the Point and to Use Word Technicalities in Order to Persuade People to Vote for someone who can not Win against Obama defeats our Primary Purpose. Now as the General Election Approaches, Voting for Romney, rather than Obama is of the Utmost Importance.

BB-Idaho said...

..wiped off the map...
..hello, anyone there?

Lista said...

Thanks BB,
I got a kick out of your comment and am Honored by the realization that you thought of me in my Absence.

Perhaps I should have done a Farewell Post. It's rather Odd that I Posted about being Wiped off the Map and than just afterwards, I disappeared.

I'm so Tired of Politics. There appears to be so much anger and Hostility expressed between the two parties. If I ever do come back to this Blog, I will probably Post about something other than Politics. We'll see.

Covnitkepr1 said...

Our government is soooo God-less and corrupt, I have just about given up. Rigged elections, and all.

I saw a comment you left on another blog I follow and came over to look you over. I like what I see.
I write a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

Lista said...

Thanks Covenant Keeper,
What a Cool Name. I love it! And I agree with you. I've sort of Lost interest in Government too. When my Husband and I see Obama on TV, we change the Chanel.

I used to have some Liberal Followers that would and maybe still will Chastise me for that decision, but I just so very much do not like the direction that this country is headed in.

Thanks for Commenting and I can see now that it is difficult to return to the Blogging Word and start leaving Comments again without also Occasionally Posting to my blog. As long as I do not become overly concerned with the Number of Hits, I can avoid Obsession and only post occasionally.

Believe it or not, my Blog has been Averaging 7 Web Search Hits per. day, even as it has been inactive, so apparently there will always be a small audience, so why should I concern myself if all I can do is attend to it Occasionally.

Ok. You've inspired me to continue. Another Post will be coming soon.