Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh How has Changed.

Perhaps I will Change my Subject Matter Soon to Religious Topics, rather than Political Ones.  Hopefully I will find followers who have that Interest.  Feel Free, though, to Click on my Labels and Read whatever you choose to, for I have actually Posted on quite a large number of Subjects and Categories.

Before I Change Directions, though, I think that I will talk just a little more about the Subject of Blogging.  The whole Look of the set up has Changed since I stopped my Blogging on March 5 of 2012.  It is not as easy to Find Things.  When I'm Logged in, which I usually am while on my Own Personal Computer at home, all I see in the Right Top Corner of my Blog is "New Post", "Design" and "Sign Out".  There is no Link to my "Dash Board", which of course, includes my Feed to all the Blogs that I used to Follow.  In Fact, I no Longer know how to get to this Feed.  I Suppose that I'll Figure it out eventually, yet if anyone happens to Wonder by my Blog and knows how to help me, that would be really Appreciated.

The other thing that is weird is the Absence of the Tabs that use to be at the Top of the Screen when I'm on the "New Post" or "Design" Pages.  I actually have to Click on Close, in order to find my way to "Comments" and then "Comment Moderation".  Why so many Steps?  We used to be able to just click on the Tabs across the Top.  If you ask me, they have made their Program less User Friendly while I was away.

And as to how to Find the "Dash Board", I have yet do Discover that one.

Here's one other Thing.... I Understand that if someone decides to Follow my Blog, I can just Click on the Avatar and find my way to their Blog.  It is interesting if the New Trend is to ask people to "Please Follow Me", for it used to be "Please Add me to your Blog Roll".  I, personally, like to Limit the Number of Blogs that I Follow because if I don't, my Feed becomes so Cluttered that it is hard for me to make sense of it all.  But then again, it would be Nice if I could even find my Feed, now wouldn't it?

The Blog Roll Works just as well as the Avatars of those who are Following us, for the Blog Roll is made up of Links to People's Profiles and Blogs, just as the Avatars are a Similar Link.  The Difference is that we can Create these Links ourselves and do not have to Rely on someone else to Provide those links for us by becoming a Follower.

Yes, all that I just now wrote in the Two Previous Paragraphs was in response to someone who made the above mentioned Request of me.  I hope that this will help him, if he decides again to Drop by.

Meanwhile, can anybody tell me how to find my Dash Board Feed?  Thanks.


Covnitkepr1 said...

Lista...covnitkepr1 here. While on my blogs home page I to see the word "design" instead of "dashboard"...BUT...while visiting your blog or another blog, the word "dashboard" is there. I always thought it was something I had done.

Seems that the word "design" just took the place of the word "dashboard". By clicking on design, I go to a page that allows me to do anything I wish.

I have chose to stay with the old "classic" blogger format as I think the newer one is not user friendly at all. Why they felt the need to fix something that wasn't broke behooves me, and if they ever force me to it ...I'll quit blogging.

Lastly, thanks for the visit and the gracious comment you left. It's my hope you'll make the decision to be a follower as well so I can pay a return visit to your blog by just clicking on your avatar in my follow widget.

Lista said...

Hi Covenant Keeper,
Thanks for Dropping by and Commenting. I just got finished Responding to your Comment over at Steve Finnell's Blog in the Hopes that we had not gotten off on the wrong foot due to some silly comment relating to Third Graders. I don't know why I reacted the way I did. In reality, you were right that the Bible Verse that we were discussing is really pretty Straight Forward, especially when Read in Context.

Back to the Subject on this Blog, though, you are right that if I Click on Design, rather then New Post, it Provides me with more Options. I still haven't found the Feed, though. You see, the Whole Idea behind Following other People's Blogs is that they are added to your Feed and then you can see what people have Posted that is New and then Decide from that which Blog you want to Visit on any given day.

You don't have a Blog Roll, do you? Mine is in bad need of being updated, for it includes links to Blogs that have been Inactive for a really long time and besides that, I am considering Pursuing an entirely different Audience, that is those who are more interested and Spiritual and Religious Topics, rather than in the Politics. At least that's what I'm thinking so far.

Perhaps I'll return to Political Subjects later, for it seems to draw Non-Christans to my Blog and I really do not want to talk to just Christians, yet for now, I'm sort of Tired of Politics, so we'll just have to see how God Leads.

You have 4,535 Followers, though. Wow! Is that for Real? I don't know how you even find the Avatar that you are looking for without having to click on the "More" Button forever and ever before you find it. Wouldn't it be easier to Pick a Few Favorites and Create a Blog Roll? Oh well, whatever. I might Decide to Follow you eventually, yet from my perspective, it is all about the Feed, not the Avatar.

Covnitkepr1 said...

I hope you do persue more religous topics in the future.

BB-Idaho said...

Just checking in to see if my avitar works.

Lista said...

Hey BB,
Are you High Tech or what? You figured out the Avatar. Some type of Chemical, no Doubt. Just don't mix the wrong thing with it and blow up the Lab.

Now if us Old Folks can just figure out the Cell Phone, Texting and all that Crazy Stuff we'll have it made. Huh? lol.

Covenant Keeper,
I used to have quite a few Non-Christians Following my Blog and I don't really want to lose their Interest. I've been Thinking about it and I probably am going to eventually visit some of their Blogs. I'm still Praying about it, yet sense that I am not supposed to Abandon my Non-christian Audience, so if I decided to Post about Religion, I'm going to have to keep that in Mind.

Lista said...

As to Following with an Avatar, Blog Rolls and the like, the way I Visit Blogs is by Clicking on the Names of People when they Comment, then Once I Comment, I Click on the Button that says Send Replies to Email Box, or Subscribe and then I Click on the Links that are in the Emails when they come in, so I guess you could say that I do not use my Blog Roll, or the Avatars of those who are Following me. I did used to use the Feed, though.

Lista said...

Huh. Interesting. I just Found the Feed, or perhaps I should have called it a "Reading List". From my Blog, I Click on "Design" and then on "My Blogs". Down at the Bottom of the Page is the "Reading" List, so that I can see all of the Most Recent Posts of everyone that I Follow and then on the Left are all of their Names, listed in Alphabetical Order, so I can Click on the One that I want and see what is Happening on their Blog. Next, I just Click on one of the Links and Wola! I'm on their Blog.

From someone else's Blog, it's even easier. Just Click on "Dash Board" and I'm there and the "Reading List" is at the Bottom.

Huh. Now I can Visit everyone that I used to Follow. That is if I really want to be that Busy again. Still just hanging out here thinking about it.

BB-Idaho said...

Most of the new blogs I visit are those listed on site sidebars. I also tend to follow linked references. I see my dashboard lists blogs I visit, but I mostly
have them lumped under favorits on my google search page. That is a pretty fast 'click/open' option...
if one only follows a dozen or so.

Lista said...

The Side Bar that you Mentioned would be the Blog Roll. I was wondering if you had a Dashboard, even though you do not have a Blog. You may have even looked at things within it that I have not. For Example, what's a Google Search Page? Since you do have a Dashboard, You could Probably become a Follower of some of your Favorite Blogs and if you do, then a Reading List will be created for you within your Dash Board. You can see when and what People are Posting without even Visiting the Blog. It's really sort of Cool.

I like your Avatar, BB. Perhaps one day, I'll have to create one for myself as well.