Thursday, April 4, 2013

When to Think & Reason & When to Seek God's Voice

I Guess I have been Picking up the Pace of my Blog and maybe I should and maybe I shouldn't.  It's just that the Blogging World in General seems to have slowed down so much, that I actually have extra Computer Time that I don't know what to do with.

Lord Please Guide and Direct my Blog and Please Guide and Direct what I Read.

Maybe I'll just make this Post a Short One.  Pentecostals and Charismatics are even more into Following the Inter Voice of God's Spirit on a Moment by Moment Basis than the rest of the Church.  I have this One Girl Friend that even so much as Asked God to help us in our Decision of whose house to meet at in order to rehearse our Music for the leading of the worship at an Aglow Meeting.  This is a meeting of Intercessors that Occurs once a Month and I was asked to Lead the Worship.  God was Slow in Answering it, yet right at the Last Minute, I said, "Oh Come on up.  We'll do it here at my house."

Then when she arrived, she asked me where I wanted her to sit and I said "I don't care.  We can either pull some chairs together over here, or we can both sit over there on the Couch."  When she realized my Indecision, she immediately Prayed and Asked God where He would like us to sit.  I just sort of Chuckled as I was Wondering if this person actually asks the Lord each morning what Cloths she should put on.

Should we actually Ask the Lord to Help us with every single decision in our lives, no matter how Small?  She has challenged me, though, for the whole idea sort of Makes me Pause and I do Wonder if I should be seeking the Lord's Direction even more often then I do, so I asked God if I should actually do this Post and what He said was "You may if you wish, but Keep this one Short."  So here it is.  Now give me your thoughts on the Matter.


BB-Idaho said...

Given that there are 55 million results when one googles 'purpose of prayer' there may be many answers. Mine would be that asking
where to sit would not require prayer (isn't God busy enough already with more important matters?) The Lord's Prayer was not about 'me', but 'us', so
asking for personal guidance in
the most trivial of matters seems
a violation of the God-man relationship through prayer. Just an opinion, and probably unqualified, but perhaps this is the way it should work:
"aside from just the Waiting on God for the Answers, there is also a Thought Process that goes on that will lead to our eventual Conclusions and God's Guidance will come in the Midst of that Process." Lista-Ramblings Of,
Post March 16, 2013

Lista said...

God is never too busy for us. Since He is God, He has Time for us and even just enjoys that we Spend Time with Him. The Bible also says...

"Pray without Ceasing." (1 Thessalonians 5:17, KJV)

Or in Context, it is Part of a List of Instructions...

"15) See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men. 16) Rejoice evermore. 17) Pray without ceasing. 18) In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 19) Quench not the Spirit." (1 Thessalonians 5:15-19, KJV)

Perhaps it could be said that the Reason for "Praying without Ceasing" is so that we will not "Render Evil for Evil", but instead "Follow what is Good", "Rejoice Evermore", "Give Thanks", Know "the Will of God in Christ Jesus" and "Quench not the Spirit". Praying without Ceasing Keeps our Mind on God.

I don't think that He Minds it if we ask Him even about "Trivial Matters", but I just don't think that it is Necessary. I sort of Like Using my Own Mind, even for the Sake of Figuring out the Solutions to Problems. If God Tells me Absolutely Everything, that would sort of Spoil some of the Fun of it for me.

I don't Think that we should Wait until we are in Trouble before we ask for Help, yet I also think that it is not really sinning to use our own Mind once in awhile.

Thanks for Quoting me. Naturally I Agree with the Quote, since it came from a Very Good Source (Me).

Satyavati devi dasi said...

We only really have one prayer and that is 'please let me be of service to You.'

Lista said...

Yes, that is the Ideal, yet so many People Struggle trying to do that as Completely as we should, myself included. And it is so very Important to Remember to Remain Humble in our Quest to Honor God, for it is God who gives us the Ability to Lay our Lives Down. We are selfish by nature and are not really able to be anything else without His Help.

Also, in Order to Completely and Totally Follow God, we have to be able to Clearly Hear His Voice and many Struggle with that one as well. Again, myself Included, for not every Internal Impression that we since within us is from the Lord. This is why we are urged to Read the Scriptures. For you, that would mean a Different Set of Scriptures, which feels a little Odd to me.

I'm going to have to Keep Praying about how to Interact with you, because it's just like Brenda said Once, it is as if we are Talking two different Languages and I don't always know how to Bridge that Gap.

BB-Idaho said...

'talking two different languages' some ways, in others not. Consider that in the time of Moses, the Hindu prayed:
Bhuh Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat
...which roughly means-
'O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge'
..which may be likened to some old Hebrew psalms. Since there was likely no contact between Hebrew
and East Indian Hindu at that time, we might consider a universalism among the believers
ca. 1500 BC. Indeed, biblical
scholars compare the words of Psalm 104 to those of Pharaoh Akhenaten , who overturned the
pantheistic Egyptian priesthood and introduced (unsuccessfully) the concept of monotheism. Since
we come at this from the viewpoint and understanding of ancient history, note that Mrs. Akhenaten
was the great stone beauty-
Nefertiti. Does that help, or just add to the confusion?

Satyavati devi dasi said...

I think if you can get past this idea that somehow we're speaking of different Gods it'll be easier for you.

There's only One.

Lista said...

Looks like my Blog is Turning into a Comparative Religions and Religious History Blog because that is what my two main Followers are Interested in.

Naturally, I'm going to want to keep Pointing out what I Believe to be the Main thing that Sets Christianity Apart form the Others. For example, Jesus Expressed a considerable amount of Compassion and Love, not only in the Crucifixion, but also in the entire Passion Week, Prior to His Death, just as my Last two Posts have Pointed Out.

So many other Religions Believe in gods that are more Impersonal and in a lot of cases, the god's are Self-Serving and even Cruel. Can you think of a single example of a god that was so full of compassion that He Gave up His Life for the Sake of Humanity? From what I can tell, the Crucifixion for the Sake of our Sins is a Message, that no other Religion Offers.

Lista said...

If your God and my God were really the same, than our Scriptures would be the Same and our Beliefs would be the Same. Don't you Think that the God that Created the Universe would be able to Express Himself in a Way that is Consistently True? If your Scriptures say one thing and mine another, then one of them is Inaccurate. There can not be two Truths. What is True is True and what is False is False.

Since you are not able to Accept the Statement that Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.", you have basically established that Christ is a Liar. (John 14:6,KJV)

Now, I'm going to give you a Hint based on something that someone else said to me once and that is that there are those who believe that Lord Krishna and Jesus are the Same Person and I'm not saying that I agree with that, yet at least this belief helps some to not have to Accuse Jesus of Lying, though I'm not sure how they Explain who "The Father" is. Do you have any thoughts in relation to that?

There is one thing that I am Rethinking a little and that is the Idea that we should be able to Evaluate a Counterfeit Religion in the Same way that we Evaluate Counterfeit Money. That is by simply Comparing the Counterfeit to the Real Thing. This Makes sense to a Christian, who has already found Ample reason to believe in the Validity of the Scriptures, yet it Creates Communication Problems with Non-Christians.

Sometimes you do have to put a least a little effort into Understanding the Language of the Person who you are Talking to. It helps to Foster a better feeling of Mutual Respect.

Lista said...

BB & Satyavati,
At this Point, I'm just going to apologize to you both and tell you that when I Changed the Direction of my Blog, I was not Really Imagining the Need to be Continually Defending everything that I Believe on a Daily Basis. I'm not saying that such can not be done, for it can. There are many Books written on the Subject. They are called Apologetics.

Christianity is not at all Impossible to Defend. It just requires a Considerable amount of Study in Order to do it Right. I am Tired and not as well Equipped as I would like to be.

If I did not think that Thought and Reason and Logic can also be a Part of ones Faith, then I would not have written this Post in this Way, yet being Continually Challenged is Tiring. Anyone who has at least some level of Humanity within them should be able to Understand that.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

I could see this coming. But to completely suppress comments-why? Afraid someone might come along and see some logic? That's a Beth tactic: when you can't defeat the opposition, simply gag them. That's cowardly.

Lista said...

I'm actually still Deciding and Praying about what I am going to do. Fear that someone might see some Logic is only one possible reason for a person to pull away from a Discussion. Logic Takes Time and Effort to Explain. Sometimes Effort is Worth it and sometimes it is not. It is actually not Uncommon for a Person to make a Decision to not Continue something Based on Logic and than to be Accused of Fear.

There is a Difference between "Inability" to Present an Argument and a Logical Decision that it is not worth the Time. If I decide to not Continue, there will be Logic behind the Decision, for I have very Mixed Feelings about someone bringing up so many issues on my Blog that I have to almost Write a Book in Order to Respond.

People who are Logical and Honest will see the Accusation of Inability and Fear for what it is. That is an Accusation, not an Argument. Anyone who makes an Honest Observation of your Arguing Style, will Over Time realize that at least one of the Things that you like to do is to try and Intimidate your Opponent with Relentless Accusations.

A Girlfriend of mine told me when I started Blogging again that perhaps I need to make sure and Pray first that God really does want me to fight this Battle, because if I do, it will be Him that gives the Victory.

There is a Verse in the Bible. That says...

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12, KJV)

This is the Reason why these Battles absolutely must be Done with God's Help and not just on the Basis of Human Power or even Logic. Yes, it is true that Christianity is Logical, yet it is also important to realize that no Logical Battle should be fought on our Own Power.

One of the Problems with Blogs, Satyavati, is the Expectation of a Timely Response, yet one of the Most Common Instructions that I am Given from the Spirit of the Father is the Need to Continually Pause and not be in a Hurry. If my Father and your Lord Krishna are the Same Person, than he should be telling you the Same Thing. That is if they are the Same Person. This is something that we will have to see.

If Jesus it Lord Krishna's Son and yet Lord Krishna does not Teach that the Only way to get to him is through his Son, then they are not saying the same thing and are not in Unity with each other.

I've decided not to Print your Comment not because I am afraid of it because there is logic in it, but because it is too long and there is more in it than I can Respond to in a Timely Manner.

You can Reject that Explanation and Accuse me of Fear and Cowardice, yet those who Truly Love Logic will see that as an Accusation, whether than a statement of Truth and Logic.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Didn't I say you cannot get to Krishna except through Guru?

Silencing the opposition IS cowardice. You can call it anything you like, but that's what it IS.

Lista said...

Another Insult. I'm not Surprised. Yes, you can call it Cowardice if you like and so can anyone else who has decided that they like your Position and Opinions better than mine. I gave my Explanation and I shouldn't have to Repeat myself.

It's as if I have no Right to decide what I wish to talk about and what I do not wish to talk about on my Own Blog and that if I do wish to Talk about it, I have no Right to decide for myself about the Time Frame.

I am considering doing a Post on the Subject, if you really want to know. If you wish in your impatience to Insult and Mock me in the Mean time, that is your Prerogative. Keep in mind, though, that your Patience or lack thereof is also a Reflection of rather or not Krishna is helping you find peace. I have peace even in the Midst of your Insults and in that Peace do not feel under any Pressure to Immediately Meet your current Demands that I Immediately Post everything that you say.

Personally, I think that this is a little like telling me that if I do not Participate in a Fight with you, than I am a Coward. When Bullies do this, they Feel Empowered by their Belief that the Person who has Refused to Participate in a Fight and who has Exercised their right to Walk away instead are Cowards.

Perhaps a Debate is not the Same as a Fight, yet it is still an Investment of Time and Energy and any Person has every Right to make a Rational Choice to do something else instead.

Yes, that's right. I can Peacefully and Respectfully say no. I do have that Right.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Whatever, Lista.

It's your blog. If you'd like it to be your own little world where 'everyone agrees with you', then you knock yourself out.

If you'd like to put out that everything except what you believe is 'counterfeit', then you enjoy yourself.

But me personally? I stand by what Krishna said to Arjuna: 'Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me.'

Lista said...

She chuckles. Tell me something, Satyavati. When has my Blog ever been one in which everyone Present Agrees with me?

As to the Counterfeit Money Idea, you need to read again what I wrote above on April 5, at 3:17 PM. For it was a Statement that I was Rethinking something. Yet you totally missed that and are Determined to Think the Worst of me.

I will be Posting and responding to that which I have Delayed in Posting. I'm going to do it in an entirely New Post. This decision has nothing to do with you Labeling me a Coward, Satyavati. If you desire to hang on to this perception of me, that again is your Choice, yet Naturally I will continue to Hope that you can One Day Value the Discovery of Truth, rather than Accusations and well, Assumption of Motive.

Remember that one? Remember how we Discussed the Assumption of Motive? Well Fear and Cowardice is a Motive and you are assuming that you Understand the Motives of Others for doing certain things, such as Delaying to Post and respond to your Comments, yet no one really knows the Motives of anyone else but themselves, so it is impossible to really know for sure whether or not anyone is truly a Coward.

It's not that I mind it all that much if you want to Judge me like that, yet it would be good for you to realize that you have a Tendency to do that because the Tendency to Judge and always see the worst in People is a Prejudiced way of thinking that will block your understanding of Truth.

Your Last Sentence, Satyavati, shows evidence that you, just like everyone else, do think that your way of Thinking is the one that is the Truth. We all do. That's just Human Nature.