Friday, February 11, 2011

Penguin Goes Shopping

Here's Something Cute that was Recently Sent to me through Email.  Aren't you Proud of Me?  I Figured Out how to Post the Video Direct, rather than Posting a Link to it.  Ok.  I'm a Little Slow, but Check this Out!  It's Really Cute!!


BB-Idaho said...

Given their coloration, ya suppose penguins are given to black & white thinking?

Lista said...

Well, they would Probably be Good Objects in Black and White photography. If it is a Smart Penguin, then he may be in Favor of Black and White, Meaning Simple, but not in favor of Black and White, Meaning Absolute, Lack of Compromise, One or the Other, Etc.

I Like the Way he Pauses at the Soda Machine and then Moves on "As if he Realizes that he Left his Change in his Other Suit." That's Cute. Actually, though, it's because he was Feeling Tempted for a Minute and then Realized that Soda is Bad for you. Smart Bird. lol.

BB-Idaho said...

Q: Why are penguins so popular on the internet?
A: Because they have 'web'

Lista said...

Cute, BB.

Why did the Penguin not Come Back Later with Change for the Soda Machine? Was it because the Instructions were not Black and White Enough (That is Simple), or was it because there were Only Two Extreme Options. Mountain Dew (Just Full of Sugar) or V8 Juice and he had to Pick One or the Other, when what he Really Wanted was Diet Coke and Well that's just Too Black and White, with no Inbetween?

I'm not sure what the Answer is. I'll Try to Remember to Ask the Penguin the Next Time he Comes by. lol.

Thanks for Dropping by again, BB. It's been sort of Quiet here for Awhile.